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Hathor Wallet v0.18.0 — New Wallet Release

Our last desktop wallet update for 2020 is out, the first one involving Natan Camargos on the development process.

This v0.18.0 release consists of small bug fixes related to UX/UI issues and wrapping up the year.

Download link:

Hathor Wallet v0.18.0 release in numbers


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This post discusses the challenges behind supporting multiple wallets in hathor-wallet-headless , diving deep into some internals.

This project supports the execution of one or more wallets at the same time without user interface, each of them controlled by a standardized HTTP API.

Previous situation

In our first implementation we supported only one wallet to be handled, e.g. the person would fill a configuration file setting the seed of the wallet he wants do manage.

seed: "ring teach mosquito cinnamon odor grant fan sunny invite flee farm stove crush train flavor shoulder hockey guard suspect elevator dumb alpha afford nature"

The moment…

Pedro Ferreira

Brazilian software engineer living in Lisbon

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